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Jewelry is like the stars in the sky

CelesteAstra believes that jewelry is more than just adornment - it is an expression, an art form, an extension of oneself. Our unwavering dedication to this belief compels us to strive for excellence in every aspect, creating pieces that are as captivating as those timeless moments when the world stands still.


Our Philosophy

Celeste Astra believes that jewelry is not only a container of precious memories, but also a powerful symbol of spiritual strength and emotional depth. Each piece is not only an embellishment of life, but also a reflection of different personalities. We are committed to using ethically sourced natural gemstones, lab-created gemstones, and recycled metals to craft each piece, ensuring that every purchase is environmentally responsible and of genuine value.


Real Materials,Higher Quality

We adhere to a "what you see is what you get" philosophy, meticulously overseeing every step from design to material selection. Each piece is handcrafted with precision by our skilled jewelers, ensuring unparalleled beauty and craftsmanship.

Love Our Planet


We are proud to report that 96% of our gold and 97% of our silver is recycled. By 2028, we will have achieved 100% recycling or Fairmined status.


We have committed to setting near-term company-wide emission reductions.


By 2028, we will have eliminated the use of single-use plastics. By 2030, we will have achieved zero waste in offices.

We Promise


Each item is crafted with great care


We source our gemstones ethically


Reduce carbon emissions and protect the environment


This product is nickel-free to reduce the likelihood of allergies

Why the name Celeste Astra?

Why the name Celeste Astra?

Welcome to Celeste Astra Jewelry, an online brand committed to detail, innovation, and exquisite craftsmanship. We strive to provide high-quality, uniquely designed jewelry that allows each weare...