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Tips For Buying Moissanite

What type of moissanite jewelry suit me best 読む Tips For Buying Moissanite 1 分

1.Know your budget: Moissanite is much cheaper than diamonds,
so you can buy larger stones with the same budget. Determine how much you're willing to spend and stick to your budget when buying.

2.Understanding Moissanite Quality: Moissanite quality is primarily judged by its cut, color, and cleanliness. Ask to see a certificate of purchase to confirm these attributes.

3.Choose the Appropriate Metal: Moissanite matches well with a variety of metals. You can choose gold, white gold, rose gold or platinum according to your preferences and lifestyle.

4.Buy from a Reliable Jeweler: Make sure you buy from a reliable jeweler who can provide a moissanite certificate to ensure you are buying a high quality product.

5.Consider your lifestyle: If you live or work in harsher conditions, you may need to choose a more robust setup, such as an inlay setup. If your lifestyle is more elegant or relaxed, you can opt for a more refined setup like a claw or halo setup.